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Data Sets [GET]

Prior to making API calls to export data, it can be useful to retrieve information describing the sources of data available. This data can be used to populate, for example, drop-down menus in a user interface.  In this section, calls that return available vaults, saved searches, projects, and public data sets are described.

The responses to all calls in this section is a JSON array; each element is a dictionary with id and name fields.  e.g.

[{"name":"Large Pharma Vault", "id":1343434},
 {"name":"Narcolepsy Vault", "id":3812}]

In the calls below, $VAULT_ID should be replaced with a numeric vaultID value.

Examples here are given using the command line tool curl, but should work with any HTTP client program or library. The -H argument to curl specifies an extra heading in the HTTP request that contains the API token (substitute $TOKEN with the actual token).


 Return a list of accessible public data sets for the given vault.

GET /api/v1/vaults/$VAULT_ID/data_sets


curl -H X-CDD-Token:$TOKEN ''


[{"name":"TB: Drugs and leads with targets - data used in mobile app","id":3843},

{"name":"Parasite Inhibitors via Target Repurposing - NEU","id":3798},

{"name":"DILI Search v2","id":3781},

{"name":"TB: TAACF Assay Results","id":2414},

{"name":"FDA/Orphan Drugs","id":2413}]
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