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I have logged in, but I don't see any data

Check to see that you have vault access - the vault name should appear in the top left corner of the blue CDD header.

If you know there is data in the vault that you should have access to, but you do not see it, there are a few reasons:

  • Check that you are in the correct Vault. If you have membership in more that one CDD vault, you may be viewing a different vault. Click on the vault name in the top left of the blue CDD header, and look at the drop-down.
  • Check that you have membership in the necessary project. Your vault admin must add you to the project before you can view any data there. View or manage projects by clicking the Vault tab in Settings.  If there are no projects listed, you can create a new private project, or contact your vault admin.
  • Check that you have selected the project for viewing in the Explore Data sidebar. Browsing the database is predicated on choosing the data context. Click on the check-boxes next to the projects and/or public data-sets you wish to view.