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How do I delete a User-Defined Field?

Someone had accidentally created a mis-spelled User-Defined Field on one or more of the molecule records in my project. How can I delete the error, so no-one repeats it?


User-defined fields can be created manually, one molecule record at a time, or batch imported from file. If the error is present on just one molecule or a handful of molecules, simply go to each individual Molecule Details page, click to edit user-defined fields, and delete the faulty field. Once the field is removed from all affected records, it will no longer appear on any pages such as your import page or the search page.

If the erroneous field was imported from a file, and affects many compounds (hundreds or thousands), you will need to submit a request to CDD support. CDD does not provide bulk delete tools to the users, as there is a danger of accidental deletion of a large quantity of data, but we'll be happy to perform the bulk delete on your behalf if you supply us with some key information.

Include the following information:

1) Your vault's name

2) The User-defined field to be deleted