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How can I separate the average value from standard deviation in the export file?

You wanted to make a plot of average pEC50 from one protocol vs. pEC50 for another protocol. You pulled up all the data and exported it to Excel to do the plotting, but the average values come out in this format: 5.34539 ± 1.20 (n=3). You cannot plot this data without doing a large amount of editing in each cell to remove the Std. D. and the n. Is there a way to simply get the average pEC50?


CDD data export of averaged data points is only available in a single format, together with the standard deviation and the number of times tested. Luckily, there's an easy Excel formula you can use to parse out the averages into a separate column:

(where A2 is the string): =LEFT(A2,FIND("±",A2)-1)

For example:


That should do the trick.