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Structure editor doesn't load?

You click on Launch the Structure Editor on Explore Data, but there is an error message, or the editor doesn't open.


This help section is of July 2017 obsolete due to the switch to Java SCRIPT based Marvin Editor. There shouldn't be any Java related problems anymore. Should you encounter problems launching the editor nevertheless, please contact us at support.


Marvin Sketch is a java applet. In order to run on your computer, you need to have java virtual machine installed, and have sufficient permissions to run applets. Make sure to accept all permissions when the applet is opening.

Problems may be browser specific, so here are some general ways to trouble shoot:

  1.  Test that java is working on your computer
  2.  If Java is not installed, download and install Java Virtual Machine
  3.  If Java is installed, but the applet still doesn't run, enable Java in the web browser
  4. Make sure that the Java control panel is enabled to use the web browser
  5. Try clearing the web browser cache

If your computer has passed all the tests above, you may have one of the issues below:

August 2014 Update: If you just upgraded to Java version 7.67, you will be asked to "trust" the CDD Vault website to run Java applets. In the example for Safari shown below, click on the "Java blocked for this website" message, and the click "Trust". Also, check that your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, Safari) is configured to allow Java applets on the CDD Vault website.


April 2015 Update: If you are using Chrome v42, you will need to re-activate NPAPI plug-in from Netscape:   This solution will work to restore Java, and enable the structure editor. Google will completely disable NPAPI in September of 2015, so Chrome users will need to use alternate browsers to run Java-based applets.

January 2014 Update: If you just upgraded to Java version 7.51, you will need to add CDD website to the trusted sites list of your Java control panel.

February 2012 Update: If you are having trouble with Java on Firefox on PC, you may be running a blocklisted version of the java plug-in, and need to upgrade Java.

April 13 2012 Update: After you apply the latest software update on your Mac, Java applets will be disabled by default (and be disabled again if you do not use an applet for 35 days. See Here's how to fix it.

October 2012 Update: Apple's Java Mac OS X 2012-006 Update removes the Apple Java 6 plug-in from your Mac, thus disabling the structure editor. You will need to reinstall Java, or follow these steps if you wish to restore your Java functionality without upgrading to the new version of Java. Please see this FAQ to learn more about the implications.