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Inventory use-cases

The CDD Inventory module allows you to keep track of current amounts and locations of batches of registered molecules. Whether it’s used for vaults with test compounds or reagents, the inventory module allows users to update inventory information manually (one batch at a time via the web interface) or in bulk (by uploading information from an Excel file). It is fully integrated into CDD Vault, and requires minimal set-up and activation. All updates are tracked in a debit log for each molecule-batch making it easy to locate a particular substance, or check on the available amounts before setting up your experiments.

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Test Compound Inventory

If you need to keep track of your test compounds, plugging the Inventory directly into your existing vault will immediately give you the ability to track debits and location changes of specific batches. Each inventory debit comes with an automatic date, time and user name stamp, creating a detailed permanent record for each debit or location change.

If you are already tracking initial amounts that were purchased or synthesized, you will need to add a new batch field for the current amount, and for location, then the inventory will take care of the rest.

For plate-based assays, just include the debited amount as a new column when you upload assay data. Mapping this new column to an inventory debit field on import will debit the associated batch. A single import step will take care of both assay data, and keeping the inventory up-to-date.

Tracking location of the batch is optional. The default inventory location field may be renamed and re-used to store any information related to the debit. For instance it may be used to track shipment location, or debit comments. The current shipment will be displayed on the batch record and in the search results table, while all previous shipment details are available when you drill-down to the individual batch record.

Barcode your vials of containers and you will be able to store the barcode information in CDD vault, linking it with your inventory. More on that subject here.


Reagent Inventory

Any chemist working in the lab will know the pain of tracking down missing reagents. Bottles have a life of their own, moving freely between benches, shelf storage locations, and fume hoods, before quietly running out and moving to the trash. But a simple to use reagent inventory would alleviate at least some of the random motion - by requiring very little work from the scientist to ensure tracking, and providing a clear trail in return.

Sign up for Inventory, and set-up a reagent inventory in a new CDD vault. With a clean separation between test compounds, reagents, and building blocks, you can be sure that each substance is uniquely identified without confusion, yet all structures can be queried in a single view to find just the right supplies.

The reagent inventory would be set-up much like any other CDD Vault- relying on unique structures, or at least CAS numbers to identify the substance. Every time you purchase a new container- register in the vault as a new batch of this substance. Then use the inventory to track amounts and location changes of each individual container.

Barcoding may be applied to reagents as well. More on the subject here.

Inventory step-by-step