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Legacy Batch-level Inventory - Step-by-Step

Inventory is fully integrated into your CDD Vault. To activate it, contact You will need to configure your vault prior to activation by a CDD administrator. Once set-up, inventory will automatically calculate current amount of a batch, based on the initial amount and debited amount information. Inventory can also track locations, and will provide a log of user names and time stamps for each debit. 


Manual Update

Bulk Update

Using Inventory



Necessary batch fields

Inventory keeps track of initial amounts, current amounts, and the location of a particular batch. Each of these pieces of data needs to be present in the vault as a batch field. Vaults that chose to add Inventory later on, may already have some or all of necessary batch fields- these existing fields may be linked to the new Inventory function. New vaults will need to create the necessary fields prior to Inventory activation.

When asking CDD support to activate Inventory, please provide the names of the three batch fields that will be mapped to the Inventory. Note that the Vault field doesn't need to have the same name as the Inventory field. For example your vault field may be called "purchased amount" instead of "initial amount".

Initial Amount - Must be numeric. Ideally units should be indicated in the field name.

Current Amount - Must be numeric. Ideally units should be indicated in the field name.

Location -  Text field. This is the storage location, or current location of the batch, or shipment location.



Activation of the Inventory will be performed by CDD support, linking the Vault batch fields will the Inventory fields. Please note that all three of the fields above must be linked to the inventory. Once the Inventory is activated, the linked batch fields may not be deleted, and their data type may not be changed by the vault administrator. The fields may still be re-named or set to be required/optional.


Automated tracking

Once activated, information from all three batch fields will be populated in the Inventory automatically. When an update is made (see below), current amount and location information will be automatically updated in the batch fields. Details of each update will be listed in the Inventory log section of the batch, and will automatically include the debit amount, the location change, the user's name that performed the update, and a date and time stamp of the update.


Manual Update

To update inventory of a single batch, use the "update" button that appears in the inventory section of each batch. Making an update requires either a debit amount or a location.

Navigate to the Batches tab of a Molecule page. Each batch will have an individual Inventory section, and you will see a collapsed section with the current amount and current location showing.


To make a new update, click on the "update" button.



Enter the debited amount, and enter a new location. You can leave one of the two fields blank, but at least one piece of information is required.



Don't forget to Save. You will now see the newly updated current amount and place data, as well as the expanded inventory log.



Bulk Update

Inventory updates can be performed for many batches at the same time using a file import to update molecules, similar to all other file-based data uploads in CDD Vault.

* A brief message from Captain Obvious: Initial amount information is necessary to calculate and display current amounts, so make sure these are imported or otherwise updated if you expect to see any meaningful inventory.

Bulk updates to the inventory occur via a file import, similar to all other molecule/batch updates. We assume here that you already know how to prepare files for import. If not, please check here for some instructions.

Briefly, prepare an import file (CSV format) that will contain the following information

1) Batch Identifier (required)

2) Molecule Identifier (required if using the CDD-assigned Molecule and Batch names)

3) Debit amount (required if not including Location)

4) Location (required if not including Debit amount)

Upload this file, and choose "update existing molecules" import mode. Map the columns to their respective batch fields. You will notice that the Batch section of the import option includes two new entries:

Inventory Debit and Inventory Location.


Using Inventory

Batch Level log

A collapsible inventory log record can be found under each batch section on the Molecule Details->Batches tab. Whether the update was done manually or via a bulk file import, the log contains a permanent record of debit amounts, location changes, as well as the person's name and date stamp of each update.

Searching Inventory

Since initial amount, current amount, and place fields are linked to regular batch fields, they may be searched on the Explore Data-> Search page, under the keyword section, just like any other batch fields. The same three batch fields may also be added under "Customize your report".  Other inventory specific information like the individual debits, the user and the time-stamp may only be displayed on the individual Molecule-Batch pages.