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Batch JSON Representation


Field NameDescription
molecule JSON representation of the associated molecule. See related documentation.
id ID number 
class "batch"
name Batch name
projects JSON array of projects
owner Name of the person who created the batch
created_at Date the batch was created
modified_at Date the batch was modified
batch_fields A JSON dictionary mapping batch field names to values.


  "id": 700861902,  
"class": "batch", "name": "Will's bottle of benzene",
  "owner": "Will Smith",
"created_at": "2007-02-05",
"modified_at": "2008-01-01", "molecule": { <Molecule JSON> } "projects": [ { "name": "PharmRX Vault", "id": 938429932 }, { "name": "Super User Private Stuff", "id": 3870925 } ],
"salt_name": "No Salt, free base or acid",
  "solvent_of_crystallization_name": "s-Butanol",
  "formula_weight": 428.5885, "batch_fields": { "Person": "Will", "Date": "2006-01-01", "Place": "The kitchen", "Note": "received from XLabs" },
"stoichiometry": {
    "core_count": 1,
     "solvent_of_crystallization_count": 1
      } }
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