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Printing and Exporting ELN entries

While CDD Vault ELN provides an amazing platform for archiving and mining your research, sometimes you just want a piece of paper to hold and perhaps share or archive elsewhere.

Print - to paper or as PDF

To print an ELN entry, click the Print button located in the tool bar just under the ELN entry Title.

At this point your system’s print dialog box will appear, and you can choose a printer or save a PDF. The resulting print-out closely mirrors the look of the ELN entry as viewed within CDD Vault, including thumbnail images of chemical structures and file attachments.


In addition to printing your ELN entry, you can also export all file attachments found within an ELN entry. Simply click the Export button located in the tool bar just under the ELN entry Title.

At this point, the usual CDD Vault export banner will appear at the very top of the application indicating that your export file is being prepared.

Once the export file is ready, the banner will turn green and a link to Download File will appear on the right side of the green banner.

The file that’s exported and downloaded is a ZIP file containing all files that were attached to your ELN entry.

In summary, use the Print option to save your ELN entry to a PDF and the Export option to create a zip file containing all file attachments. Combine these two and you have archived your complete ELN entry!