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CSV files, comma separator and decimal number format

For decimal numbers CDD uses for the "decimal mark", or "decimal point", format of a dot "."
Many regions across the world though use a comma "," for their numbers which in conjunction with CSV files (comma separated files) could cause an error upon CSV file import.

The typical decimal number format used internally by CDD looks like this:

1.5 : denoting one and a half
[please note: although the Vault displays thousands with a comma, you cannot register the following number: 1,000.5 (one thousand and a half). You have to use 1000.5]

Other regions, e.g. Sweden or Germany use this format:

1,5 : to denote one and a half

Usually, results from raw-data machine read-outs or calculated data from diverse programs use the "." dot as a decimal marker, no matter of the region you are at and thus you shouldn't have anything to worry about. But, if you encounter in (most likely) rare cases an error during import (e.g. 'Readout definition "XYZ" requires number data'), there are several ways to solve this. It partially depends on the underlying reason as to why numbers ended up having a differing decimal marker.

The most common reason is most often stemming from converting/saving with help of Microsoft Excel to CSV files. Excel can get "confused" depending on your region settings and converts decimal number markers automatically to the one set by you computer's regional settings.
You can try any one of these suggestions:

  • Change the entire regional settings of your Computer to English (US American). You might have to add an additional localized keyboard layout as well.
  • Alt. only change the number formats. On Windows PC the Control Panel Region, Formats tab, then Additional Settings leading to Customize Format and the Numbers tab.
  • Within newer versions of Excel, you should be able to change the separator in the Options section, Advanced/Editing Options/Use system separators.

If these changes are too intrusive or advanced, you can try the following:

  • Use find/replace comma to dot within Excel and the columns with your numbers
  • Use a third party program to handle your CSV files. Either to replace the comma to a dot - OR - save using a ";" (semicolon) as delimiter. CDD does recognize ";" as delimiter in a CSV file as well! BUT: in the latter case, numbers have to use the comma "," for decimal numbers.

Most importantly though, make sure to be consistent - i.e. you cannot mix different decimal formats or delimiters!

Examples that will work:
(spaces only for readability)

1. Comma separated with dot as decimal marker

SomeText , SomeNumber1 , SomeNumber2
CDD22345 , 0.0001 , 22456.12
CDD44455 , 55.112 , 100.2
CDD12349, 10.1E-4   , 88.2  [note that you can mix scientific numbers with floating numbers!]

2. Semicolon separated with comma as decimal marker

SomeText ; SomeNumber1 ; SomeNumber2
CDD22345 ; 0,0001 ; 22456,12
CDD44455 ; 55,112 ; 100.2
CDD12349 ; 10.1E-4 ; 88.2  [note that you can mix scientific numbers with floating numbers!]

Examples that will NOT work:
(spaces only for readability)

Inconsistency of separation/decimal marker

SomeText , SomeNumber1 , SomeNumber2
CDD22345 ; 0,0001 ; 22456,12
CDD44455 , 55.112 , 100.2