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API via Pipeline Pilot - the basics

To access your Vault via the API in Pipeline Pilot you require the HTTP Connector which is available in the Database and Application Integration > Application Integration > Web Service Integration folder of the Components tab.

To configure this component, you will need to fill in the HTTP Connector so it looks something like this:


Start with the source section, this is the https url that is to be executed, and should look something like:


where ### is your Vault ID and the ... indicates the type of data to be retrieved, e.g. "searches".

If you don't know your vault ID you can retrieve this number from your browser when you are logged into your vault. In your address bar it should say something like this

Now the method (for starters, to retrieve): 

HTTP Method = Get

Next you need to set up the authentication. Since the API access is token based, we skip the HTTP Authentications Options, and go to Additional Request Headers. The CDD Vault API Token is generated by logging into CDD Vault and going to the Settings > User > API Keys menu.

Name = X-CDD-Token
Value = "###########" (this value is the API key from your Vault settings) 


The different types of HTTP Method available are:

"Get" to retrieve data from CDD Vault

"Put" to update data within CDD Vault

"Post" to create a new entity (Molecule or Batch) within CDD Vault

Request body = any valid JSON used to pass data values into CDD Vault <used for POST and perhaps PUT calls>


 Example URLS:

Retrieve the results of a CDD Vault Saved Search and save the data as an SDFile:

(in this case, the 1st ### is the Vault ID and the 2nd ####### is the Saved Search ID)

Another example HTTPS url that retrieves data for Batches saved after a specified date: