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Graphical workflow API access: Knime, Pipeline Pilot, Stardrop and SARVISION | SM

Via the API you have the option for secure programmatic access to your vault data. The commands to do so are often executed via scripting languages such as Python.

Alternatively, you can use graphical workflow programs, such as Knime or Pipeline Pilot, which offer a more intuitive graphical interface for both, workflow creators, as well as end-users.

Optibrium’s Stardrop has a ready to go CDD-plugin to use with your vault. You can download it from their community page (you need to be logged into their website to access this). A demo can be found on YouTube


SARvision|SM also has functionality to connect with CDD Vault and import data stored in Vault for easy Structure Activity Analysis (or Sequence Structure Analysis for SARvision|Biologics). More information on this API integration with SARvision can be found here as well as in this YouTube video.


CDD Vault has a legacy plug-in for Knime available and is compatible with versions 2.x and 3.x of Knime. This plugin is though no longer supported and offered “AS-IS”. You will find details and an example here. Of course you can access your vault from Knime using only community nodes as well. You will find an introductory example by following this link.


To help you get started with Pipeline Pilot, you will find an introductory example on this page.


A plugin for DataWarrior is also available! See this link for more details.