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CDD Connect for KNIME

This connector allows KNIME components to communicate directly with your vault in CDD Vault® (API required - please note that not all vaults have the API activated, in that case, please contact support or your local account manager). It is compatible with Knime Version 2.x, newer 3.x and 4.0.2. Currently, no active development of this plugin is planned, we provide it on an "as is" basis.

To obtain this connector, please scroll to the bottom of this article.  Once you obtained the plugin and followed the installation instructions (see also end of this article), you can use the node within the Knime environment:

CDD Vault Connect for KNIME

Configure the node’s settings to select the Vault, the saved search, project(s) and data set(s) you want to search in, and you have secure access to your most recent data, all from within Knime.


CDD Vault Connect KNIME Configuration


Executing the workflow retrieves the data associated with the saved search in your Vault and you can manipulate as you require, e.g.: 

CDD Vault Connect KNIME Workflow

CDD Vault Connect KNIME Data Table

Installation instructions Windows environment:

  1. Extract the com.cdd.api_1.1.0 folder from the file
  2. In KNIME, go to Help > Install New Software
  3. Select the com.cdd.api_1.1.0 folder by clicking Add then Local then browsing to the com.cdd.api_1.1.0 folder
  4. Add a Name, e.g. CDD
  5. Check Uncategorized and click Next
  6. Follow prompts and the restart KNIME client
  7. Now there should be in the Nodes Repository a single node called  “CDD Export”.