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Sample Inventory Business Rules

Use Sample/Inventory fields to establish business rules for capturing Samples, along with Inventory details related to Samples. These fields are defined at the Vault level and are used to annotate and track Samples and Sample-level Inventory events.

In this article, we go over how a Vault Administrator can add Protocol fields using the Settings > Vault > Sample/Inventory Fields tab.

Building on our Parent Entity to Batch hierarchy, you can now track Samples, including full inventory and location details.



To edit or add Sample-level Inventory fields, a Vault Administrator can navigate to the Settings > Vault > Sample/Inventory Fields tab and click one of two options:

  • Add/Edit Sample Fields
  • Add/Edit Inventory Fields



Information that will remain constant for each Sample should be stored in a Sample Field.


Note: If you need to track multiple Samples for any Batch, the Vault Administrator MUST create some Sample field which is marked as "Sample Identifier".



Information that will change over time (as a Sample is used) should be stored in an Inventory Field. This is the information that users will provide whenever creating a new Sample Inventory Event.



A note on the special "Location" field created at the Inventory Field level.  The Inventory Field called “Location” is a special field which can be edited to provide the list of available Locations for your Samples’ Events.


Choosing to “Edit Locations” allows the Vault Administrator to set up Locations and Boxes for inventory samples.




This “Edit Locations” menu also allows the Vault Administrator to create, duplicate and/or delete locations and boxes. The icons on each row can also be used to drag locations and boxes up/down in the list to change the order. In this Location editor, note the "Duplicate" buttons available at each level of your Inventory hierarchy.  Using these "Duplicate" buttons allows Vault Administrators to quickly create a thorough set of Locations.

Helpful Hint: Each branch of the Location hierarchy must end with a Box, even if the Box is configured as a 1x1 dimension.





Users can then populate these new fields, including Locations, when creating their Samples and Sample Inventory Events.