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How to search by IUPAC in the molecule keywords?

CDD allows you to display IUPAC names of molecules. But how can you search by IUPAC names in the molecule keyword search?

We consider IUPAC name to be a type of structure format, and thus you can always enter the IUPAC into the structure editor. In order to see the IUPAC names directly on the molecule record, or to search by this as a text field, you will need to import the IUPAC names into a searchable field on the molecule record. The two choices of fields are User Defined Field (UDF) or Molecule Synonym. Be careful importing as a molecule synonym! Generated IUPAC names may not be unique (between two tautomers, as an example), and thus may be invalid Molecule Synonyms. To avoid this potential problem, always import IUPAC as a UDF.

1) Search for all your molecules (molecular weight=0)
2) In the display options - choose to display IUPAC - it is one of the
structure options.
3) Export this table to .csv
4) Import the table back to CDD:

Molecule Name or Synonym = current molecule primary ID
User Defined Field = IUPAC name

Do not import all other columns

You can now test this by searching one of the newly imported names in the keyword search!