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Why did my molecule keyword search cause an error?

You have entered a properly formatted keyword search with a list compound IDs, but instead of a set of returned results, you have received and error page: "We're sorry, but something went wrong".


CDD's keyword search is currently limited to 65,535 total characters. This includes any white-space and special characters that sometimes take more than one character (due to their encoding).  So when you enter a search like "ABC-0000001 or ABC-0000002",   you are actually using 26 characters.

While we are working on a permanent solution to this problem, please limit your searches. Here are a few suggested workarounds:

    • Break up one long search into a few shorter ones, and save each search for future re-use.
    • Exclude leading zeros in compound names- CDD ignores leading zeros when searching, so whether you enter them into the search field or not, will not change the results, but may save some character space.
    • Use user-defined fields as search terms. For example if you are looking for a subset of compounds from the Cambridge library, search the source field "cambridge" instead of enumerating the compounds individually. 
TIP: Create collections or lists of compounds with user-defined fields.
    • If you can not find a suitable solution, you can always contact us for help at