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How do I delete/edit a User-Defined Field?

One or more User-Defined Fields are no longer needed to capture data or contains misrepresented data for molecule records in my project. How can I delete the field or the data in the field?


User-defined fields can be created by Vault Admin users, and are typically called Molecule Fields, Batch Fields, Protocol Fields, and ELN Fields. A field can not be deleted if there is data stored in that field for any molecule/record. The data-type of the field also cannot be changed if data has already been uploaded to the field. 

If there is no data uploaded to that field yet, the vault admin can edit the data-type or delete the field by going to the Settings tab-> Vault sub-tab-> fields sub-tab and click the link to edit the fields. The field names can be changed at any time. Be sure to Save Changes after making any edits. 


If you need to change the data type or delete a field that has data associated with it you will need to submit a request to CDD support. CDD does not provide bulk delete tools to the users, as there is a danger of accidental deletion of a large quantity of data, but we'll be happy to perform the bulk delete on your behalf if you supply us with some key information.

Include the following information:

1) Your vault's name

2) The User-defined field to be deleted/edited


If the data in a user-defined field is incorrect, you can edit the data in that field manually (any field type) or overwrite the data in a field in bulk through the import data wizard (only Molecule/Batch Fields).