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How do I edit salt/solvent information of a batch?

You have realized that the salt form of a molecule batch is different than what was registered in your vault and you would like to go about in editing the molecule batch or change the salt (and/or solvent) information.


For single batch editing:

Go to Molecule sub-tab on the Explore Data page next to where it says Protocols > Search and select the molecule to be changed > Click on the Batches tab, click the "Edit" link, then fill in the salt. Autofill will help you with a selection depending on your input:mceclip0.png


For bulk changes of salt information this can be done via the Import Data tab at the top of the page.

Have a .CSV file (or SD file) containing your registration ID, batch number, and a salt/solvent column containing the updated information. 

After uploading the file, select "Update Existing Molecules" from the dropdown selection, and go through the mapping process as usual.

After submitting and pre-processing, you will receive  a few messages: one being "Noteworthy Events" - "Existing Batch Update" and the second being "Suspicious Events" - "Batch Salt Modification". You will want to override the "Suspicious Events" notification by clicking the "Accept" for this notification and once this is done, click on the "Commit".