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How do I delete a run of a protocol?

You have just finished importing bio-assay results into a protocol, when you realize that you have mapped data to the wrong protocol. How can you undo the import and delete the data file?


When you imported your bio-assay data, you probably created a new Run of the protocol, and mapped your file into this Protocol and Run. Once the run is deleted, you can re-create it, and import the data into the correct location.

  1. Go to Explore Data tab-> Protocols sub-tab -> click Protocol Name -> click Run Date -> Run details sub-tab.

A shorter way to the same location is to click on the Protocol Name directly on your Dashboard.

Another way to get here, is to click the run date from the Import Report page.


  1. At the bottom of the side-panel, click Delete this run. All the data you imported into this run is now deleted and there is no need to delete the original import file.
  2. If the data in your file was mapped into two different runs of the same protocol, or two different protocols, repeat above steps for each run.
Read this article to delete or edit individual records within a run.