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How do I delete a batch or a molecule?

You have just finished importing a file with updates to your existing compound library, but new batches were unintentionally created during your import. You need to delete these batches.

The same method is used to delete a batch or a molecule. PLEASE NOTE that, by deleting a batch/molecule, ALL the data (Protocol/biological assay data) associated with it WILL BE DELETED. If the last remaining batch is deleted, the parent molecule itself WILL BE DELETED. So, when all batches of a compound are deleted, the entire molecule record is deleted.

Deleting a batch is done by removing all project access to this batch. Once the batch is dissociated from all projects, it is automatically deleted. It is possible that the batch you wish to delete is associated to a project that is not accessible to you. In this case, the batch and molecule will not be permanently deleted, but will no longer appear in your projects. 

  • Navigate to the Molecule Overview page by going to Explore Data tab -> Molecules sub-tab -> Click on Molecule ID
  • Click the blue Manage project access link underneath the structure preview in the side-bar (NOTE: To delete ALL batches of a molecule, thereby deleting the entire molecule and all batches in one step, click the red Delete this molecule link.)
  • Click Add or remove access for each row that appears in the list of batches. In order for a molecule to be deleted, all of its batches must be deleted.

  • You now see a list of projects to which the first batch belongs. Click Remove for each project in the list. In order for a batch/molecule to be deleted, it needs to be removed from all projects it belongs to. 

  • When all projects are successfully removed you will see an orange warning message: 

  • Click the green Save Changes button. If all batches have been removed from all projects, the molecule is deleted permanently. The batch/molecule may not actually delete entirely for all users if it is also associated to a project that is unavailable to you.
  • If there are more than one batches to be deleted, you may repeat steps 3 through 6.

If you have a large set of molecules or batches to delete, please contact CDD support for additional help. Include your vault name, and a list of batches/compounds you wish to delete.