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How do I edit or delete a single value in a protocol?

You have imported a new experiment into a run of a protocol, but now you realize that a couple of values were off. Or perhaps one of the compounds was not properly labeled, and data was assigned to the wrong compound- this needs to be corrected.


Depending on how many different problems there are within a given run, it may be easier to delete the whole run, and start the import over. It may also be that the mistakes are small and it would be overkill to delete the entire run. You will only be able to edit or delete data if you have sufficient privileges. Most users with read-add access, will only be able to edit their own data.

  1. Navigate to the All Data sub-tab of the Run record you would like to edit/delete: Explore Data tab -> Protocols sub-tab -> click on Protocol Name -> click on the Run Date -> go to the All Data sub-tab.
  2. Each row that was imported, has an Edit and Delete link next to them. Locate the compound and row that needs changing, and click on the appropriate link. The rows are presented in the order in which they were imported, and you can sort the table based on Molecule Name.
  3. You can edit the molecule and batch names, as well as the assay data. If you have replicate data, remember that it was imported on replicate rows, and all those rows will need editing.