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I forgot to import a compound field or column. Can I update my compounds?

You have imported a compound library, and you usually add a new column during import containing a user-defined field, or batch field. During the latest import you forgot to include this field. What can you do now to update your recently imported library?


This is easy enough to fix.  Simply go to the Import Data tab at the top of the window > Find the compound file you need to adjust > Click on the Report option > Export the validation report. Remember that all historical validation reports are found under Import Data tab -> Uploaded Files -> Report link for the specific file.



If the field that you wish to map has not been created within the vault yet, you can do so as a Vault Administrator, from the Settings > Vault sub-tab >and by creating these fields in either the Molecule/Batch Fields section.

However, if the field is already created within the vault and it only needs to be mapped from the file, you can update and import the report file by mapping the Molecule and Batch name columns along with the field(s) you accidentally left out of the original import. Note: If you were planning to create this column on the fly using CDD's mapper, you can do so if the field will have the same value across all imported compounds. Once this is complete you can process the file as usual.