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My compound plates are already in the vault. How can I share some of them with a new project?

Maybe you keep all your compound collections in a private project, but a new project is starting up that will be using your compounds and plates. You'd like to share just a few plates worth of compounds with the collaborator project, without giving them access to your entire collection.


CDD's project architecture is flexible. Once you have imported your compound collections to one project, it is not necessary to import again all the structures, plates and other related compound information, each time you create a new project. You can share previously imported compounds individually, sets of compounds, or entire plates.  While individual molecules may be shared directly through the CDD interface, sharing lists or plates is done via a data import. All you need to do for plate sharing, is import a list of plate names into the new project. The rest of the associated data (structure, user-defined fields, etc)  will follow automatically. Note that you can not partially share a plate, so even if you explicitly share a single well, the entire plate contents will be shared.


Here are the steps:

  1. Prepare a comma delimited import file in the usual CDD format: The file should include just two columns: Plate name, and Well Location                                                                                                  Picture_26.png
  2. For each plate you wish to include, enter the plate's name, and the first well. You can actually enter any valid well, so the first well is just an example. You will have one row for each plate. The rest of the wells, and their associated molecules and batches will be shared automatically. If your file contains all the rows (e.g. 380 rows for a 396 well plate), sharing will work just as well as with a single row.
  3. Import the file as usual. In the first step, choose the project with which you are sharing.                       
  4. In the second step, map Plate name to Plate name, and Well Location to Well Location.                                
  5. In the last step, check that the QC report shows the correct number of shared plates: Look for noteworthy events, Existing plate associated with new project.                                                                       Picture_29.png

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