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Why Are Some Users Disabled?

What does it mean if a member has "disabled" next to their name in the vault? When/if I need them re-activated, can I do that?


When a user is disabled, they are unable to login to the database. They are technically still a member of the Vault but their login has essentially been deactivated. This can happen for one of the following reasons:

    • If a new user did not activate their new account by logging into the database and updating their password within two weeks of account creation.
    • If a user resets their own password, and fails to change the default password sent to them within 2 weeks. 
    • In rare cases, user accounts will be disabled after a certain amount of inactivity (usually 6 months). However, this is an optional vault setting only available to the Vault Administrator, and is set to never disable users by default. Most users will be disabled for one of the first two reasons above.

Vault Administrators need to contact CDD support to get disabled users reactivated.