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Search data across vaults

In a collaborative environment, when several groups are working in more than one CDD Vault, it is possible to display and search data across all available vaults simultaneously. 

When enabled, all vaults and projects are listed in the Explore Data side-bar, allowing people to search across collaborator vaults seamlessly, without the need to switch vaults.

When disabled, each vault can only be accessed individually.


Searching project data across vaults

Disable project searching across vaults



Searching data across vaults

Even if you are a member of several vaults, your default view on the Explore Data tab contains data in all of your vaults at once.

  • You will see all the vaults where you are a member
  • You will see all the projects where you are a member
  • Data import remains vault specific- switch vaults to upload a file

The vault and project selection applies to the data displayed on the Explore Data tabs, including the Search page. Notice that you can access data from other vaults in "read-export" mode, while data import remains vault specific and you still need to choose the right vault before importing a file.


  • When searching data, select the specific vaults, projects, public data-sets you wish to explore

The search results include matching data from all selected data sources. This applies to all types of searches- protocols, structures, chemical properties, collections and molecule/batch keywords.

Molecules from different vaults retain their unique names assigned by individual vaults, but all molecules with the same structure are grouped together for ease of comparison.



Disable project searching across vaults

While project sharing is enabled for all users by default, individual users have the option to disable projects between vaults to prevent the display of multiple vaults in a single view. This is a good option if you are participating in multiple projects with private intellectual property in each.

Note that each user must disable this option for themselves, a vault administrator will not be able to apply this setting to all users.

To disable project sharing, go to the Settings page, User section, then Preferences.

Now, click the Edit account preferences link, and UNCHECK the last option "Search across all vaults".

Don't forget to save changes!



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