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Password Security Guidelines

Each user is responsible for helping keep their account secure. CDD strongly recommends that you:
  • choose strong passwords
  • do not reuse passwords used for other web sites
  • use a password manager to make both of the above points easy
  • do not share your passwords with others.

CDD Vault will now use the Zxcvbn password algorithm when users set their passwords. This algorithm analyzes a proposed password and gives it a rating based on how hard it is for hacking software to guess. CDD Vault will require a zxcvbn score of 4 (out of 5).


zxcvbn is an algorithm that will provide a measure of the strength of a password. It uses pattern matching but also estimates whether (and/or how long) a system could crack your password.


In its analyses, zxcvbn uses a repository of thousands of common passwords, names, and surnames as well as other common patterns like dates, repeating text, sequences (xyz), keyboard patterns (qwerty), and l33t speak (predictably replacing c3rt@in letters with certain $ymb0ls).

Using all of this, zxcvbn is able to determine the strength of a password based on how unpredictable it is.


When creating a new password, users might try to:

  • create a password that's at least 10 characters in length
  • use a combination of characters
  • be unpredictable with your use of capital letters, symbols and numbers, word choices and sentence strings

The suggestions above, however, are not 100% hard-and-fast rules. You might also check your intended password using the Password Strength Checker  - your intended password must report a "Strength score" of 4 or 5.