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How can I calculate % Inhibition and z score?

You have uploaded raw data from a plate based assay, including controls into your vault. You'd like the CDD Vault to normalize the data against controls, or to calculate z-scores of the raw data.


Normalization calculations such as % Inhibition and z-score may be added when setting up a new protocol, but you can also update an existing protocol if the raw data has already been uploaded. If the normalization required positive and/or negative control values, those will have to be uploaded to CDD Vault, and a control layout will need to be assigned to the plates with control data.

Setting up a new protocol is described in detail here.

Updating an existing protocol is easy. Just navigate to the Protocol Details tab (click on protocol's name, and switch to the Protocol Details tab). Now click "edit readout definitions", and choose to edit the raw data readout definition you wish to normalize. Now switch the normalization option from "do not normalize" to one of the available normalization options. The rest of the steps will be the same as setting up a new normalized readout.

In addition to updating the readout definition, you may want to check your control layouts.