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API example via Knime

Enclosed you will find an advanced Knime based example using "generic nodes" which allows for more flexibility in creating your own workflows, among them writing of data to the Vault (in contrast to the specific CDD Vault node, which only allows to read from your Vault by means of existing searches). 


Tested under Windows 10, Knime versions 3.5.3 and requires the "Palladian" nodes (Knime should automatically give a message requesting the download of these nodes if you don't have them installed). It has not been tested on a Mac or Linux environment, though theoretically "it should work out of the box".


Please note - this workflow example requires some "advanced" Knime know-how to implement. It is provided as is, and is solely intended to demonstrate one possible way to access CDD Vault via the API and Knime. It is by no means the only way to do so, but should be seen as inspiration for your own implementation, e.g. on how to get around the hurdle of uploading data files.

Please test thoroughly (e.g. with a Sandbox vault) to safeguard from potential data-loss during write attempts. CDD cannot build, nor troubleshoot your specific workflows! (Support will of course attempt to resolve any issues of previously existing API access that might have "suddenly" broke after a software upgrade).

Details can be found within the workflow itself.