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How do I delete a project?

You have been practicing importing data into your CDD vault, but now you have come up with a better way of doing things. How can you delete the old unnecessary project?


You may only delete a project when there is no data associated with it. This means that there are no molecules, protocols, runs of protocols, or ELN entries associated to a project. You can associate protocol data to a different project, or simply delete it. See this article for run and protocol deletion. You can un-associate or delete molecule records in a similar fashion. See also this article for molecule deletion. You can also associate ELN entries to a different project or discard ELN entries. See this article for discarding ELN entries. These methods are useful if you have a small number of molecules, protocols, and ELN entries within a project.

Here are two solutions for deleting large amounts of data:

  • Simply hide the old project. If you really don't care whether the data is deleted or just obsolete and unavailable, this is the best and quickest option. This is done by the Vault Admin user.
    1. On the Settings tab-> Vault sub-tab-> Projects sub-tab, remove all users from the old project, except the Vault Admin. This will automatically hide the project from view for all others.
    2. On the "Explore Data" tab, click on the Show/Hide projects link at the bottom of the project list in the side-panel, and choose to hide the project. This is only done for the Vault Admin user, who is the last remaining member of the obsolete project.
  • Contact CDD support to request a data project, if you really need to delete a large set of data, or to reuse the compounds IDs, 

You can delete a large set of data on your own, by deleting one record at a time. We can help you expedite this, by doing a custom data deletion project. Contact support, and provide a detailed explanation of the objects you want deleted.