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How to delete a protocol?

You want to delete a protocol with all its' run data. The protocol may is shared between multiple projects.


In order to delete a protocol, you will need to delete the run data first: CDD Vault will not permit any object (protocol, molecule, plate) to be deleted, if it has associated data. Here are the steps to delete runs.

Once the runs are gone, the protocol may be deleted by clicking on the Delete This Protocol link on the Protocol Details tab. To get there, go to Explore Data tab-> Protocols sub-tab -> click Protocol Name -> Protocol details sub-tab. The link appears in the side bar on the left.

Notice that you are redirected to the "Projects" tab of the protocol and it is here from where you will be able to delete the protocol.

How do I delete this protocol?

This protocol may be associated with projects you do not see. Remove it from all your projects and it will disappear from your view. It will be deleted forever if no other projects reference it.

The protocol needs to be un-shared from all projects in order to be deleted permanently.

  1. Click Remove access
  2. From the Projects sub-tab, click on Add or Remove access and then click on Remove for each project you see in the list. Note: If a project is grayed out, it means there is still associated protocol data in that project and it will need to be deleted before this link becomes active.
  3. When all of the projects have been removed, click Save Changes at the bottom of the form. If everything went according to plan, the protocol is deleted, and you are redirected to the protocol index page, which lists all of the remaining protocols.