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How can I archive a project?

You have completed a project, and now need to archive it in CDD. You would like to keep the data, but hide it from the working view of most users, and to lock down the project so that results can not be edited, added or modified.


Congratulations on completing your project! As the vault administrator, you will need to accomplish two things to archive a CDD project: hide it from view, and restrict data editing privileges of all users. There are a couple of ways to do this.

  • Ask your users to hide the project on the "Explore Data" side panel. This needs to be done by each individual user, and it will remove the project from the immediate working area. As the vault admin, go to the "Manage Vault" tab and set all users of this project to read-only. This will lock down the project so that no-one can edit or append the results.
  • Remove all users, except yourself, from the project. This will remove the project from all users working area, except yourself, and also prevent them from editing or appending the data.


Remove project from Explore Data side-bar:

  1. On The "Explore Data" tab, scroll to the bottom of the "Projects" section in the side-bar. Click on the Show/hide projects link. 
  2. Choose which projects you want to see in the sidebar, select "Hide" for the project you wish to archive. This will effectively hide the project from view, without deleting any of the project data.

Remove users of update project user privileges: (You must be a Vault Administrator, or have "Can Manage" privileges in a project to do this)

  1. Go to the Settings>Vault>Projects tab. Click the project name to pull up the list of members, uncheck both checkboxes next to the member's name. 
  2. Click "Save"


  1. Go to the Settings>Vault>Projects tab. Click the red circle icon next to the member's name.
  2. Click "Save"


*You can also remove members from a project using the Account management interface*