Information submitted through the support site is private but is not hosted within your secure CDD Vault. Please do not include sensitive intellectual property in your support requests.

Account Administration

CDD Vault now provides a dedicated account management interface to streamline management of your users, teams, and projects. At least one (or more) Vault Administrator(s) must be a Vault Administrator of all Vaults within your account to access this feature. 


Accessing the Account Management Interface

The Account Management Interface, can be accessed by clicking on your account profile name in the upper right corner of the Vault. Select "Account" from the drop down menu.


The account management interface will then open as a new tab in your web browser. As the vault administrator of multiple vaults, you can easily switch between vaults using the "Select a vault" dropdown.  



Adding/managing vault members

Add a new user:

Navigate to the "Users" subtab, then click the "Create a new user" link in the right-hand corner of the page.

  1. Details
  2. Team Membership
    • Assign the user to a team to specify their project permissions
    • Users can be assigned to as many teams as necessary
  3. Vault Membership
    • Select at least one Vault and assign the appropriate user role 
    • Vaults managed by team membership will automatically display with a team icon
  4. Project Membership
    • Projects are grouped together by Vault
    • Project permissions managed by teams can be overwritten by adding a user directly to a project
    • When a project is managed by more than one team, the user’s project permissions are additive



Edit an existing user:

  • Navigate to the Users subtab
  • Click on the name of the user you wish to edit
  • Click through the different sections at the top of the pop up window to edit their team memberships, vault memberships, and/or project memberships

Adding/managing teams

Team: A team is a list of users and their project permissions. Teams are an excellent way to manage project membership across many Vaults and projects. When a new user is added to a team, they are automatically added to all Vaults and projects where that team is assigned. If the user is not currently a member of a Vault, a prompt to assign their Vault role is displayed. When new projects are created, simply assign a team instead of adding each user individually. 

*You do not have to utilize teams in order to add members to projects/vaults*


Create a new team:

  • Navigate to the Teams subtab
  • Click on the "Create a new team" link in the right-hand corner
  • Give the team a name
  • Add existing vault members to the team


Edit an existing team:

  • Navigate to the Teams subtab
  • Click on the name of the team you wish to edit
  • Change the name and/or existing team members
  • Click "save"


Adding/managing projects

Create a new project:

  • Navigate to the Projects subtab
  • Select the correct vault from the dropdown bar that you would like to add the project to
  • Click the "Create a new project" link in the right-hand corner
  • Give the project a name, and a description if you'd like
  • Click the members link to add any members or teams of members to the project
  • Click "Save"



Edit an existing project:

  • Navigate to the Projects subtab
  • Click on the name of the project you wish to edit
  • Change the name and/or existing project members
  • Click "save"


Custom Nucleotides and Amino Acids

Vault administrators have the ability to turn on different "registration types" including nucleotides and amino acids. This allows users to register nucleotide and/or amino acids by their sequence. Some customers may be working with sequences that contain unnatural nucleotides or amino acids. An account administrator has the ability to create a dictionary of these unnatural nucleotides and/or amino acids for their users to utilize when registering sequences. These custom (unnatural) amino acids are safe & secure, and are only available to users within your Account.

Steps to create a custom Nucleotide/Amino Acid:

  1. Navigate to the Custom Nucleotides or Custom Amino Acids subtab
  2. Click the "Add New..." link
  3. Fill in the fields
    • Code that will be used as part of a sequence
    • Name of that code or unnatural nucleotide/amino acid
    • Select the naturally occurring nucleotide/amino acid from the drop down
    • The structure editor box will pop up containing the nucleotide/amino acid that you chose
    • Make your modification to the naturally occurring nucleotide/amino acid
    • "Use this structure"
    • Fill in any of the other fields that you'd like to capture information for
    • Click "Save" at the bottom
  4. Once your custom nucleotide/amino acid is saved, it can be used in a sequence during registration