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Project User Roles

Once a user is added to CDD Vault with one of the vault-level user roles, their access can be further refined at the project level. A vault admin or user with Manage permission for the project can add users to the project. A user’s project role can be refined on the “Manage projects” tab using the “Edit Data” and “Manage” check-boxes.  The “Edit Data” check-box controls whether the user has their vault role (checked) or limited permissions (unchecked).  The “Manage” check-box controls who can add or remove members to a project. 




Vault level role will determine what options are available at the project level.

  • Users with a vault role of Read Export or below will be restricted to Read-Only at the project level by default.
  • For all vault-level roles above Read Export, a user may add/edit project data to the extent that is permitted by his vault role. 

For example, if a user has Read Add-Biology vault-level role, permission to add/edit project data will extend only to the user's own biological data, as described in the vault-level user role guide.

  • For all vault-level roles above Read Export, a user can be granted permission to manage the project.


Only Vault Admin users can give project access to brand new vault members.


TIP: To create a user who can export search results, and download any attached file, but cannot add or edit any data, create a Read Add user at the vault level, but restrict his access to read-only at the project level.