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Vault User Roles

Available vault-level user roles:

User role is a combination of vault level and project level access. User's role should be determined primarily at the vault level. 

As of July 2017, new users can be added by a vault administrator without going through CDD support. See this related article on details.

  • Read Only: Users are only able to view and search data, and post to the message board (without attachements). Users can not export or download any data.
  • Read Export: In addition to readonly privileges, these users are able to export their search results from CDD and to download any attached documents. This access level is appropriate for collaborators and managers who will query the results, but have no need to import anything. Downloadable documents include any raw data files that were imported into CDD, and any attached documents (attached to protocol, run, readouts, molecule, batch, and plate records). Data exports are comprised of search results from the "Explore Data" tab. 

TIP: To create a read-export user who can also post message attachments, create a Read Add user at the vault level and restrict his access to read-only at the project level.

  • Read Add-Biology: In addition to read export privileges, these users are able to define protocols and import their data, but not permitted to register of edit molecules.  This access level is appropriate for most biologists that do not deal with compound structures. 

Note that for biological data import, there are two distinct activities- defining the protocol, and importing the data. Read Add-Biology are able to define their own protocol, and to import data to a protocol created by another user, but they are not able to edit the protocol definition created by another user.

  • Read Add: Users are able to add their own biological and chemical data, but are not permitted to edit anyone else's data. This is the recommended access level for most regular users.
  • Full Access-Biology: Users are able to define protocols, import protocol data, and edit protocol data of other users, but are not permitted to register of edit any molecules. This access level is appropriate for senior level biologists, who will be overseeing a team of other biologists.
  • Full Access: Users are able to define protocols, import protocol data, and edit protocol data of other users, as well as to register and edit all molecules. This is a powerful access level, with potential for serious errors, and should be limited to one or two super-users.
  • Vault Admin: This user role has three privileges in addition to all other access  - to change vault settings and configure terminology,  to add new members to projects, and to approve data for publication to CDDs' public domain. 
  • See this article for Project User Roles.


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