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Configuring the ELN

Vault Administrators can customize the format of the ELN Entry IDs as well as create custom ELN Fields. 

Customize Your ELN Entry IDs

Currently, in the CDD Vault ELN, each ELN entry is assigned a unique, numeric Entry ID. Additional formats are now available for these ELN entry IDs and a Vault Administrator can enable these custom formats within your CDD Vault.

In the Settings > Vault > General tab, the Vault Administrator can assign one of these ELN ID formats:

  • Global Identifier
  • Vault Identifier
  • Vault-User Identifier



Global Identifier

This is the default option and provides a simple, non-sequential, unique numeric ID for each ELN entry.



Vault Identifier

This option allows the Vault Administrator to set a “Vault ELN identifier prefix”, which can be specified just below the toggle in the Settings > Vault > General tab. The numeric portion of this ID is assigned sequentially, starting at 1, to every ELN entry created within that specific Vault. 



Vault-User Identifier

This option will create a unique ID for each ELN user. The Vault Administrator will specify a “Vault ELN identifier prefix”, then add a unique code (internal employee number, initials, etc.) for each user. These codes are defined and managed by the Account administrator.

To add the individual user-specific codes, the Account administrator should:

* navigate to the Account Management panel

* click the Users tab

* click on each individual user

* click the Details tab

* specify the “User ELN identifier prefix” (Note - these user-specific codes must be unique.)



Entries will be assigned a sequential number, starting at 1, on a per user basis. In this scenario, ELN IDs will have a format of: [Vault Prefix]-[User ID]-[padded 4-digit sequential number]



Creating Custom ELN Fields

This process is similar to the way Vault Administrators create and edit the Activity & Registration Molecule, Batch & Protocol fields. Vault Administrators may also request that the ability for users to link to objects from multiple CDD Vaults within an ELN entry be activated by contacting CDD Support.

If you prefer a video tutorial, please have a look at this short YouTube clip:

The ELN fields are located above the body of each ELN Entry and they can be used to group and further organize Teams, Experiment types, Projects, Labs etc.

Create a new ELN Field:

  • Log in as a CDD Vault Administrator, go to the Settings tab, select Vault, and click on ELN Fields.


  • Now click the "Add/Edit ELN Fields" pencil icon at the upper right hand side of the page to enter into the ELN Fields Edit mode.  
  • In this form, you can edit existing fields, delete them or reorder them using the "drag" icon on the right side of the page. Note that the Project field at the top of the list is not editable. Projects are used in the permissions and security throughout CDD Vault.
  • To add a new ELN field, click the "Add ELN Field" link at the bottom of the field list and you will be taken to the form to create a new one.
  • Fill out the form by entering the following:
    • The name of your new field
    • The data type for the field. (Selecting Date will bring up the calendar tool when you enter this field. Pick List will prompt you to enter the choices that will be given when the user clicks on this field.)
    • If you check the Unique box then an entry into this field must be a unique identifier for the ELN Entry.  
    • When a field’s Required box is checked the User will not be allowed to finalize an ELN Entry without filling out the box.  


  • Once the form is complete, click on the green Update ELN Fields button to commit the new field to your ELN.

After committing the ELN field changes, they will appear for all users in all projects when they create a new ELN Entry.

For users who only use ELN: 

Please note, that you will have to setup your Vault with a minimum of at least one project and assign user at the very least to this project. The Vault serves as the underlying depository for your data-capturing in the ELN. For details on how to set-up vault projects and users, please see our introductory article here