Collaborative Drug Discovery’s CDD Vault Electronic Lab Notebook lets users create, store, retrieve and share their work in a secure system that is fully integrated with the CDD platform. The CDD ELN interface is simple and intuitive, yet it allows Scientists to gather, share and search the results of their work with complete confidence in the integrity and security of the Intellectual Property. ELN Entries are integrated with CDD Vault so you can jump from an ELN Entry to view the properties and assay results for a compound or biological entity in the Activity and Registration system. Being 100% web-based lets you take the ELN into the lab on a portable device to gather results and then return to your desk to process, visualize and evaluate your data. Please note: For security purposes, users who are not able to see chemical structures within your CDD Vault (users with structure masking turned on) cannot access the ELN since other users may be populating structures within their ELN entries and then the masked user would be able to see the structures. ### Administration: Managing your custom ELN Fields - Apply business rules to suit your organization’s needs such as witnessing and configurable metadata fields. ### Creating an ELN Entry - Two clicks from anywhere in the CDD Vault platform and you are on your way to populating an ELN entry. - Use the ELN to draw or paste chemical structures via MarvinJS and even register small molecules and biological entities (plasmids, peptides, cell lines) directly from the ELN to the Activity and Registration system. - Being a free text environment allows you the flexibility of using the ELN for unstructured data capture such as taking notes all the way through entity and assay data registration from the ELN into the Activity and Registration system. ### Searching your own and collaborators’ ELN entries - Searching over accessible ELN entries is simple and fast using keyword or substructure queries. - Refine search results using the filter functions. And of course printing and exporting your ELN entries! To sign up for CDD Vault ELN, please contact