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Exporting ELN Entries

While the CDD Vault ELN provides an amazing platform for archiving and mining your research, sometimes you just want a pdf version of your ELN entry to perhaps share or archive elsewhere. Users may export ELN entries, one at a time.  Vault Administrators may perform bulk exports of ELN entries.



Within CDD Vault, you can export each ELN entry one entry at a time. Simply click the "Export Entry" button located in the tool bar just under the ELN entry Title.


At this point, the usual CDD Vault export banner will appear at the very top of the application indicating that your export file is being prepared.

Once the export file is ready, the banner will turn green and a link to Download File will appear on the right side of the green banner.

The file that’s exported and downloaded is a ZIP file containing:

  • A summary.csv file
    • This summary.csv file contains a table-of-contents view of all ELN entries that were exported.
    • All ELN meta fields (ID, Title, Author, Witness, Status, Created, Modified, Submitted, and Finalized) are included in the summary.csv file.
    • All ELN user-defined data fields are also included (these are the fields that your Vault Administrator has made available for ELN users to populate in the header of each ELN entry.)
  • A top-level folder for the ELN entry exported. This ELN entry top-level folder contains:
    • a pdf rendering of the ELN entry
    • a sub-folder containing exports of the actual files attached within the ELN entry
    • an Audit Trail csv file containing the ELN entry’s full audit trail
  • An Errors.csv file containing information on any errors that may have occurred during the generation of the ELN export.


Noteworthy Tips

  • The pdf rendering of the ELN entry will include:
    • any thumbnails displayed for image, pdf, and pdb files attached within the ELN entry
    • any displayed chemical structures and stoichiometry tables
    • active links to any external URLs and CDD Vault objects that were registered/referenced using the ELN linking function
  • Previews of Microsoft Office files attached within the ELN entry will not be shown within the pdf rendering.
  • Vault Administrators may also perform bulk exports of multiple ELN entries in one export process.ELNIndexPageWithExportButtonSShot.PNG
    • As outlined above, a zip file is created using the standard 2-step CDD Vault export process that results in a file download to the user’s computer.
    • This zip file may contain multiple files, folders and sub-folders that, together, comprise all of the information and file attachments within all of the selected ELN entries.
    • To limit the number of ELN entries exported, be sure to use the intuitive searching and filtering mechanisms prior to clicking the “Export entries” button to narrow down the list of ELN entries shown in the ELN index page.