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ELN Witnessing

Vault Administrators can enable (or disable) the Witnessing workflow within the CDD Vault ELN.  This process is similar to the way Vault Administrators create and edit the ELN fields. Please contact CDD Support with any questions.


Enabling the ELN Witnessing Workflow:

As the Vault Administrator, you can navigate to the Settings > Vault > ELN Witnessing tab. On the top right if this page, there is a slide bar where you can toggle the witnessing feature on and off. Once toggled ON, you may set these 3 witnessing parameters:


  • This refers to the amount of time that the ELN system will wait before sending a notification email, once a witness has been assigned but not yet witnessed/finalized.

Members to notify

  • This is the list of Vault users who will receive the above-mentioned notification email(s) when a witness has been assigned has not yet witnessed/finalized an ELN entry within the above-mentioned time period.

Members who can witness

  • This is the list of Vault members who can witness other users' ELN entries.