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Discarding ELN entries

You want your ELN to provide a complete audit trail, but sometimes ELN entries are created by mistake and you want to remove them. Vault Administrators have the ability to “Discard” an ELN entry. Doing so sets the Status of the ELN entry to “Discarded” and hides it from view and search.

This video provides an overview of the ELN discarding and re-opening workflow from the perspective of a Vault Administrator


Steps to discarding an ELN entry for non-Vault Administrators

If you make an ELN entry in error, or if you want to start over and discard the entry so that it does not create confusion in your group:

  • Click into the ELN entry that you wish to discard.
  • Select the trashcan icon next to the ELN ID on the upper right of the ELN entry.
  • Even if you are the creator of the ELN entry, you must be a Vault Administrator to discard an ELN entry. So please contact your Vault Administrator for help. Pro Tip: send them the ELN entry url or the ELN ID so that they can easily access the entry that you wish to delete.



  • Once your Vault Administrator has discarded the ELN entry, these ELN entries are not permanently deleted. All users can still access and view the discarded ELN entries by explicitly setting the “Status” Filter in the ELN search interface to Discarded.


  • Vault Administrators may also reopen any discarded ELN entry and the Reason for Reopening will be tracked in the ELN entry Audit Trail.