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How can I delete data?

You have just finished importing a file, and even though you have checked over the Validation report carefully, you now realize that there were many mistakes made. You wish you could undo the entire import, and delete all the records that were created as a result.


There is no way to delete/undo a data import, but you can delete the associated data in step-wise fashion. For example, if your file was imported into two runs of two different protocols, you will need to go into each protocol, and delete the individual runs.

There are dependencies between different types of data, so that one type may not be deleted, unless another type is deleted first. This is especially true of molecule-related data. For example, if you need to delete a batch that has been assigned to a compound plate, and assay results are present in the database for this plate, you will need to delete the assay data followed by the plate, before the batch can be deleted. In general, assay results or protocol data are easier to delete than compound data.

Here are some examples of the types of data you may wish to delete.