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Linking to CDD Vault and External Objects Within an ELN Entry

Leverage the power of the CDD Vault platform by linking to various CDD Vault and External objects within an ELN entry. See this section for details on linking to CDD objects across multiple Vaults.

To add nearly any kind of link into your ELN entry, you have several options to do so.

  • Direct Insertion: Using any of the Insert... icons in tool bar, drag-and-drop a file, or copy/paste objects.
  • Insertion By Search (Insert Link): Alternatively, you can search for objects in your vault via the special Insert Link icon, a very handy way to retrieve compounds, protocols, ELN pages, etc that you already have in your vault.
  • Insertion Across Vaults: Users may insert links to objects from any of the user's available CDD Vaults.

Direct Insertion 

(In case you prefer a video tutorial instead, please view this video from our Youtube Academy channel, starting at around 3 minutes):


When you insert a chemical structure into an ELN entry, if your structure is already registered in CDD Vault then the registration number will be linked to the Activity and Registration page for that structure (see A below). Clicking this link will take you directly to that registered compound.  If the structure is not registered, the figure below will be missing A. All chemical structures in an ELN Entry will have a Register link in the upper left corner of the preview (B below).


To register a new molecule, or a new batch of an existing molecule into your CDD Vault Activity and Registration module from an ELN entry, click the "Register" button B that appears.

You will then be taken to the "Create a new molecule" page within Activity & Registration. Here, you can fill in the data into your CDD Vault Batch fields and register the Molecule. Once registered, the cross-reference between the Batch/Molecule in Activity & Registration and your ELN entry will be established.


Another way of linking to CDD Vault entities is described at the end of the Searching ELN article.


These same principles of registration and linking also apply to biological entities. Please refer to the example below in which a plasmid was registered from an ELN entry.



Runs of Protocols:

To insert a Protocol Run into an ELN entry, copy the url link to that Run and paste it into your ELN entry. This link will automatically be recognized as a Protocol Run and, by default, the ELN entry will display the name of the Protocol followed by the Run Date as a link within your ELN entry.  Additionally, users can rename the link.

Clicking this "Protocol Name - Run Date" link will take you to the All Data tab for the Protocol Run.

Within Activity & Registration, you can see all ELN entries linked to a particular Run by navigating to the Run Details tab.  Here, there's a section entitled "Linked Eln Entries"



You can also create a new ELN entry directly from an existing Protocol Run by navigating to the All Data tab of your Run.  Here, you will see a link to "Create ELN entry".



Speaking of Runs of Protocol data, data from an xlsx, csv, and SDF files attached within an ELN entry can be directly imported into a Run of a protocol within CDD Vault. Simply drag-and-drop your file, or use the Insert Attachment paperclip button, to attach your data file into an ELN entry. Now, hover your mouse over this attached file and click the "Import File" button.




This will take you to the CDD Vault Import Data wizard where you can complete your data import process. Importing data from the ELN will create an automated breadcrumb link between the run of protocol data in the Activity and Registration module and the ELN.




<Feature Coming Soon>

To insert a link to a Plate into an ELN entry, copy the url link to that Plate and paste it into your ELN entry. This link will automatically be recognized as a CDD Vault Plate and the ELN entry will display the name of the Plate as a link within your ELN entry. 


Insertion By Search (Insert Link)

Hyperlinks to any web address, as well, as internal CDD Vault hyperlinks can also be inserted via the Insert Link icon. This is a great way to use the ELN to stay organized and connect CDD Vault to a manufacturer website, shared document drive, or even high content imaging server.



This function though is much more powerful than just inserting an already known link. You can use type-ahead to search for objects within your vault such as molecules, cell lines, ELN entries, or protocols. Simply click the insert link and the system will offer search results while you start typing. For example, typing your molecule prefix and a number will give you a selection of compounds:




or the typing a word will lead to e.g. a protocol of similar name:


Click on the desired result and you will have the option to use it as is, or choose an alternative display title:


In your ELN, the link would display in this manner, where you have the option to further edit it when hovering over the pencil icon.




Insertion Across Vaults

In addition to adding objects from your current Vault, this Insert Link method can be used to add objects from other Vaults you have access to as well. To allow this cross-Vault linking feature, the CDD Support team must activate the feature set for your account. Please have your Vault Administrator email Support and request that the feature be activated.

Once this setting is active for your CDD Vaults, searching for CDD Vault objects as described above will also show objects that match your criteria from all other Vaults you have access to. Objects from another Vault will display with the Vault name colored in orange (e.g. CAW-0008009 below).